Bulk import of BMS'es - any interest?

I’m thinking of organizing a bulk import of BMS’es. Fly them in versus shipping even.

NB requirement: BMS’s must have Bluetooth and an RS485 port.
So that BT can be used for opening the App to check/alter the config of the BMS whilst the RS485 port interfaces with our equipment.

Two models I like:
12v - 4S LFP 200A with Bluetooth and RS485
24v-72v - 6S-20S 250A with Bluetooth and RS485

When ordering the 6S-20S range one orders additional balancing harnasses so that one can pre-configure for 8S, 15S, 16S, 17S, or even 18S, options people, options, ready to plug in. It is cheap to order extra harnasses with the bulk order.

I like these models as you can crimp your own cables and not cut/remove the 2 x cables they normally come with, or try and crimp 2 wires into one lug.



Any interest, or other models?

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Not bad @TheTerribleTriplet . What will the price be on them? The Revov 12v batteries is running JBD bms in there units. Bought a 12v 200ah for my father setup and connect the app and spotted in the software.

The Fet base bms works better for me.


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I read through your other thread

and it got me thinking to go the DIY battery route from the outset seeing as I don’t have anything yet.

BMSs are constantly evolving.
In the last short while they have improved with:
ON/OFF buttons
Controllable active balancing etc.

It would seem that now manufacturers are turning their sights towards CANBUS protocols that are compatible with 3rd party inverters.

In hindsight, ( because I have already bought mine), I would hold off on this purchase until you have your batteries. I think that you’ll get a more technically advanced product.

How can I be of assistance Concrete?

@TheTerribleTriplet I was wondering if with the proposed BMS bulk import, if your were also thinking of importing more of the 280ah Eva lithium cells?

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We did that twice already.

The trick is, we need about ±130-200 cells per shipment. Shipping works cheaper per palette.

The R/$ exchange rate is to be betted on whilst watching the Covid LD’s in China, keeping an eye out for LS effect on harbors, not forgetting strikes at Transnet … or storm damage at harbors.

Ok, that sounds really bad … joke is we had most of that on the 2 imports, not the storm damage though. :rofl:

And we had both shipments earmarked by SARS for inspection.

All the goods arrived in perfect shape though, if one is patient.

So yes, if there is a big enough order, I can run another one.

Thanks for the feedback. In terms of the exchange rate, yes it is not the best time to do this. The situation in China seems to be easing though. I need to do some further research before I go this route.

What are the opinions on this product?:

US $600.00 (±R 1058…51) + VAT + shipping, there must be cheaper options in SA?