3rd Group Buy - Grade A Fully Matched Lifepo4 Cells

A group of us are investigating getting 280ah or maybe even 310ah lithium 3.2v LifePo4 cells.

Idea is to get 16 cell banks, 48v, with the Jaibaba BMS’es.

Another idea is to get the group to buy a few extra cells, couple in Jhb, couple in Cpt, just in case there is a faulty cell, that can only be sorted in a future import. So just in case …

If after a while all the cells in use are still performing as expected, then one can sell the “warranty” cells and share that back to all.

Anyone else interested?

Definitely interested in four cells, as I need to replace my old 12v lead acid batteries from my 12v system. Will most likely just add a 4S BMS from BMS | Lithium Batteries South Africa

Deon, here is a thought to ponder on.

I MAY want to split my 16 x 150ah cells into 12v banks.
At the same time, when China has parts again, you could get a 12v BMS with Bluetooth and RS485 port with the BMS bulk buy.

Just putting it out there.

Would you be getting rid of the batteries, as in replace the whole batch?
If so, interested yes. My old 12v system is just to keep routers and few LED lights up, in case I have to reset my Goodwe, so no need for any fancy BMS’s.

The original batteries are going on 4 years now, so just want to replace them, as effectively as possible.

Would break the 16 cells into 4 packs of 12v OR sell all in one go. I want a larger bank … HOBBY, not a NEED. :laughing:

@TheTerribleTriplet I know someone that might be willing to take 8 of them, and maybe someone else that would take 4, and Deon can take the other 4?


DONE … gimme some time that we can get the new batts in, see how the imports and all that works, unless there is a urgent dire need, then I can make another plan as I have 12 x 2nd life cells that I use for “extra” power at night feeding the house … the HOBBY that led me to WANT(ing) a larger bank. :wink:

On March 17, 2020 I paid for the 150ah cells R 1 400 each. So call them just just over 1 year old since they got installed early April 2020.

Also have a Daly 48v BMS that I never will use again. EVER.

Mmm … unless it is a real dire serious EOL need, and I’m really pushed, then could consider getting a 2nd hand lead acid bank to tie me over … but then it must be “worth” it. :laughing:

I will take the other 4

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So I looked at importing cells from China. The shipping is a killer, unless you order in bulk, was looking at a packing of 1m3 of batteries.
The next issue is shipping documentation. You must get the correct docs as per SARS, safety issues, shipping agents etc. The site I was using is the same as Bsin got his from, but he was getting the batteries at usd3 cheaper than I could get them due to bulk buying. I set up a business the whole toot but then my contract got extended so I stopped all that.

Once you take all the above into account then its worthwhile but you must make sure you have the right “factory” in China.

There’s another site where they’ve been buying from a shop in China for a while now, all seems good so far.

I’ll post the links when I’m back at my PC on Sunday.

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@TheTerribleTriplet Have you got a breakdown of costs per battery in mind…

For me as soon as you add shipping and BMS the cost of the bank comes very close to an off the shelf batteries (ie 3x 3000c from PT)? Plus they have a 10 year warranty…

Am I missing something…

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A sum I have never made, will have to look into it before I pull the trigger.

Shipping, quote we have so far, and we are not done yet:
For a 104 Cell order: $11 826 = $113.72 per cell landed,cells at $80 included, the price includes SARS custom clearance and tax, to say Jhb.

So in a nutshell, the estimated cost for a 16 cell 3.2v 280ah of ±14 kWh is about ± R 1 651 per cell landed in SA x 16 = ±R 26 416 per bank.

BMS: ±R2400 including custom clearance and tax, landed.

So total cost of ± R 28 816 incl BMS for a ±14kWh bank.

BUT, we are still double-checking the numbers, as a lot gets lost in “translation”.

@ 30k that’s half the price of a pylontech bank. Very good!!

From my own experience in importing batteries.

  1. It has to go by sea. It’s considered dangerous goods.
  2. You need an agent on this side to handle the shipment, do the paper work, etc. I know one that charges about R650 or so to do the job.
  3. Because it is dangerous goods, storage costs money. Pick it up ASAP when it clears customs.
  4. There are no specific taxes on electronic goods or batteries, but you will pay VAT on 110% of the declared value of the item.

My strategy would be approach a local importer of the battery we would want… negotiate a big discount on a bulk deal and let them bring in a large lot using a tried and tested method.

They then score a big order and @TheTerribleTriplet basically works with a single seller. You then also have some return/warranty options and don’t need “extra cells”.

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Will take four from you, but also no urgent “need” at the moment.

I will happily wait until your new 48v bank is up and running. :smile: :smile:

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You are 100% correct, the 2 previous orders I got in was via DHL, lots of charges yes.

Paul introduced us to a connection of his, a connection that imports from China as his job … so there is that too. :wink:

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This one is a team effort, @neliuszeeman the one who started it all, with me from:
“Naaa, don’t need any … go AWAY!!!”
“Dammit … wat kos dit!?”

Now I NEED it!!! :laughing:


For me this is the most logical method… :laughing: