BMS for lithium 3.2 volt 100ah batteries

Hi i want to replace my pylontech 3.5 kw lithium batteries. Got 3.2 volt 100ah lithium batteries. But i need a BMS that will communicate with my Venus gx. Can somebody assist me please.

Does anyone know the Orion bms ?

It’s the BMS used by FreedomWON. Good BMS, highly configurable, but on the expensive side.

I got a orion jr bms.

Will it be able to communicate with the venus gx ?

As far as I know, there is software that comes with the BMS, which you use to define what and how to send the information on the CAN-bus. You can therefore program it to send the protocol that Victron accepts. The software might even have an example built in, I do not know. I have never used it.

Edit: So will it work? Yes. Will it work out of the box? Probably not.

Are there any other bms that you can use ? Or do you know who can program it ?

I consolidated your two posts into one :slight_smile:

REC-bms is the same kind of setup. It comes with software, you configure your CAN-bus frames. I don’t know exactly how it works. The only people I know who can definitely program it, is the guys at FreedomWON.

See here to get an idea: Orion BMS Utility Manual

I assume you have read


Here you go.

It appears the software ships with a profile you can just load.

To the OP, why do you want to replace your Pylontechs?