(Apexium) Grade A EVE 280Ah 304Ah Lifepo4 cells and 48V DIY kits in South Africa warehouse

Hello, the 280Ah and 304Ah cells in our South African warehouse have been sold out,only 105Ah cell instock.
So far, we have sold the third batch of Lifepo4 cells and DIY kits.
thanks for everyone support. Our next shipment will arrive in February.

We only sell 100% Grade A and brand new cells in South Africa.

Welcome contact me.
+86 139 2459 0500

Good day
I have an Ellies inverter

1440W/2400VA Inverter with Trolley Modified Sinewave

More details here

The current batteries don’t last long. The unit has 2x 12volt lead acid batteries.

Therefore I need replacement batteries.

I want to know if the apexium batteries can be used on this inverter?

I’m not sure this inverter can communicate with our BMS because I don’t see your inverter brand in the list. Or you can send me a copy of the inverter’s communication protocol. I’ll ask our engineer check it.

That’s a cheap modified sine wave inverter with no communications at all.

I think @midnightcaller wants to know if you have a 24V option that can be used as a drop-in replacement for lead acid batteries.

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We are improving the 24V DIY kit and will update the information soon.

Some photos for EVE new version LF280K, this model tested capacity more than 310Ah and have 8000 cycles.


Apexium 48V 280 DIY kits

And data sheet for cells, can check each cells QR code number, capacity, IR in the data sheet list…