A field for members who have been banned from other forums

You’re pushing your luck little man … No more soup for you … NEXT!!!


I am still banned, I was on the forum for hardly a month or two. I am still devastated as I was just starting to enjoy the other members and the learning. Without a forum like this I am never going to succeed. I read how @Vassen said installing a Solar was not to hard for him. Sure if like you are like TTT you can design your own battery!!! NO I am a needy solar learner who needs guidance . And worse, I was banned for posting a link to something as clarification.

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You read this, have you? Letting some smoke out! - #6 by TheTerribleTriplet
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I simply stopped going there after a heated debate over using a Sonoff Pow for controlling a geyser. Figured I wouldn’t want to stick around where bad advice is actively encouraged.

Some of us sommer banned ourselves. In fact, I changed my screen name to “Guest”, only to get a final warning for it. The guy who had over 1000 posts helping other people gives a serious indication that he’s fed-up, and the forum owner reacts with such hard-handed measures? I then changed my display name to ___ (three underscores) and it was actually accepted. Haven’t been back since. Cold Turkey.

The reasons were simple enough. A friend of mine was treated with disrespect. That was strike one. They were actively pushing competitors products, causing a conflict of interest. Strike two. And that stupid final warning. Strike three.

You still lurk in some corners though… like when someone replied to you post. Your full alias still shows.

Even my posts that were replied to are still visible even though my account and all my posts disappeared. Maybe they will read this and fix it. Then I am completely wiped out. :grinning:

From sonoffs it became crazy claimed info about batteries by the same poster based on zero evidence other than his opinion.

Yeah saw that. Pylons that show signs of “corrosion” inside on the PCB, but the rocket scientist doesn’t realise that it’s still flux residue from the assembly/cleaning stage. It became clear at that point that the place is heading on a different trajectory than I could stomach

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There is another forum (that insists that this is still ‘alternative energy’) that is more even handed. When a member was deleted only his status changed to ‘deleted’ but all his posts remained. I reckon this is fair enough since you can make your own mind up about alleged transgressions…

I guess I was very outspoken about the rubbish claims for a few days and if they left my posts, there was the risk that people would see my posts and start also questioning the legitimacy of the crap that was given.

A few days before I asked the forum owner if I am out of line by asking questions and stating freely available facts. He replied and said he encouraged healthy discussions. I guess what he meant was as long as it’s not factual info that shows the weakness of a product or brand.

Ive been blocked for posting for a month and had some of my posts removed.

I honestly feel that those pictures were made to look bad with ulterior motives. A few weeks later there was photos from another user whose battery was lightning damaged, those photos showed an excellent build quality.

The difference was that one post was by an end user and the other by an relatively new installer trying to promote another product.

Over the past year, I’ve come across many users of pylontech batteries and not one had any issues. On all the forums there were a handful that had issues and they were resolved by the agents yet claims of warranties being void were continuously thrown around to scare people.

Every battery maker has a photo of the worst example of his opponent’s battery. Just saying… :slight_smile:


It’s called ‘advertising’

The Strange thing about a Battery Discussion, should it be about what is good and bad and what should a Noob like me buy. I see often that poor people like me have bought a battery at a slightly cheaper price but the thing cant do BMS properly or CAN and all those other nice words, They are not supported etc. Then I want to cry because for a thousand or more I could have bought a really nice battery for my system that does “CAN BAM BMS WORD CHARGE and all the other nice things” properly. A battery is not for a year or two, its for years.But it was definitely a Selling ploy to Diss your very well worded and structured statements and your Brand of Battery to sell that brand.

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hahaha As they say TTT , dit was groot K*K … Now you see the deference between you learning and me??? You paid lots of school fees, and yes it makes your knowledge superb but you paid and some of it was really funny

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Are you speaking in general here about what sometimes happens or are you referring to your battery? Your battery should be able to talk perfectly fine with your inverter. I’ve helped 2 people set them up.

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No in general and what happened on that Battery Discussion, It was about making brands look bad. Instead of the positives points of each brand.

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