8x 120AH LFP cells and Smart Ant BMS

Hello guys

My previous sales thread broke after I uploaded the photos, sadly Jaco could not save it and had to delete it.

As I said in my initial post : I am tired of dealing with a cell misbehaving and the BMS beeping my head off, I don’t have the time nor the will power to find the underlying issue.
I am over the DIY phase and will be buying a off the shelf battery.

So here goes again:
8 x 120Ah LFP cells, cells where bought 7 Oct 2020 (But I think I only installed them somewhere this year I can’t remember)
Link : 3.2v 120AH LiFePo4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Cell | Lithium Batteries South Africa

1x Smart Ant BMS
Link : 120a, peak 320a 7-16s Li-Ion and LiFePO4 ANT Smart BMS With Bluetooth and LCD | Lithium Batteries South Africa

2 of the cell terminals have been tapped with larger screws.
I should still have the BMS screen somewhere, but there is a small chance I can’t find it.

Take it all for R5800 Voetstoots
Just one final note I will only be taking the pack apart after my new battery arrives.

Looking at the charge efficiency from the BMV it seems like I forgot to reset the stats on the BMV when I installed the LFP pack, but even so, you will see that the cells have hardly worked hard at all.

Like TTT said you can also breakup the pack and build 2 nice 12V setups for camping or a UPS (I am actually considering turning this pack into 2 x 12V UPS packs for my in-laws if I don’t manage to sell them on here)

@Louisvdw here are some photos:

Hello guys

The cells have been sold.
The BMS is available for R1K

Good day PJJ

Is the BMS still available?


Hello Jaak

Yes it is.

Ok, seems like this is all sold @jaakmarais bought the BMS so nothing left, thanks everyone.