2 ET112 in VRM portal

Hi guys, quick question, I’m running 2 ET112 in my setup, one on every MLT inverter output in a new DB setup. I can see the 2 energy meters in Victron remote Console.

The question is, where do I adjust the settings that it can show both the AC watts outputs on the vrm portal on the right side top?

I was running a small test load on both the inverters. One was 3w and other one 8w.

Not really a supported use case. No Multi in the system, so it cannot even determine whether you’re on the grid or not (hence AC Input is empty). Although… there is a fix in Venus 2.80 where it will “guess”, if the Multi is gone but there is a grid meter… it will assume there is a grid connection and show it.

But there is no functionality to combine two grid meter readings, so you’re probably going to see just half of what you want to see on the right…

@plonkster thanks for the help there. I know it will not show the input part, like you said, there is no multi to show that info.

What I want is, that it shows 2 outputs on the ac out side. I played arround last night to say make the on et112 generator output. So it shows then that meter in a generator block with it’s own out put and the and then AC loads block a combine output. Will check if I can take a screen shot.

Maybe i must make both et112 generators and see what happend. I did make one a pv inverter and other one a generator but then the Cerbo start giving problems and don’t give the control console. I had to hard restart the Cerbo.

I spotted something on the victron forum to.

This is simply not catered for. You can have more than one, but many parts in the system picks one (usually the one with the lowest DeviceInstance) and ignores the other one.

In Venus 2.80 you can also set one of them to “AC load”. But it is only logged to VRM, not displayed on any of the overviews.

Thanks @plonkster Then I guess I must update to 2.8 and see what I can do there. Thanks for the help on this. Here some photos where I change my the settings between generator and pv inverter.

I can still see the et112 on there own in console, so that can work for me. Will be nice to have it on the VRM portal :grin: