Working Sketch for ESP32Cam AI Thinker?

Hi All.

Is someone using the ESP32 CAM AI Thinker? I cant seem to find a sketch without issues while compiling. Please let me know if you have a working sketch?

Thats not a lot of information to go on, but it sounds like a build environment issue. Are you using platformIO?

Trying to copile Sketches using the Arduino IDE together with the ESP32 add on in the board manager. Seems like the most development for the ESP32 Cam was done on that platform. My development skills are rusted and I am only able to solve certain compile errors. Some are too advanced to figure out. I was hoping to get a working sketch that i can use for a test to see what the true quality of the claimed 5mp cammera is. I can also use said sketches as reference to fix the issues in the more advanced programes i want to use. As you know, support on these sketches from the authers on github is not always good, and in some cases I can just hope that the auther will look into the issue and suggest a fix.

Let me look at PlatformIO.

One thing I have realised is that the board sold to me is not the one they advertise. I am now trying to find the correct pin description to alter the “defined” pins in the sketches that fails on initualising the camera. I got some of the sketches to compile and upload, but looking at the serial monitor, it fails at initulizing the cam. I susspect the pin definitions dont match my exact board. The datasheet for the cam is 179 pages and I am still trying to figure out where to find the info that is important and how to apply that to the sketch.

PlatformIO uses arduino in the background, but it also specifies the versions of the packages. So if you get a project that worked on a specific version of arduino+all packages, it will download the correct version and use that to build with. Of course, that only works if the project you are trying to build was made in PlatformIO and has the config file with all the versions in it.

But first try to find out exactly what board you have and then look for examples for it - that would be the easiest.

I have two of them running , I complied them from examples on Arduino but cant seem to find them right now. Will need to delve around a bit as it was a year or two ago.
What I can say is not to rely on them for streaming, they are fairly good to take a picture. I use them to take a pick and sent it to telegram if a security Zone was triggered.