With all this loadshedding... might as well just go off-grid

January 2022 was the last time that I bought power from the city side. They where their Aug at our house to come check if the new prepaid meter was faulty.


What is the use of having things on non-essentials when you can’t get power to it half the day?

If you want to go off-grid, you really want something reliable…

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Which is why I have my doomsday changeover. I find that with some discipline, a 5kVA MPII is more than enough for our needs.

One thing I deduced yonks ago with going “off-grid” is … Note: We tend to forget this teeny detail when the weather is nice and sunny, long hours in Cpt … that one will also need a generator.

Eskom is my “generator”.

So I wonder … why the heck would one go “backwards” with an Axpert when one has ESS to run things already, grid-tied or off-grid, shaving all one can off the “generator” (Eskom) bill the rest of the time, automatically?

We are pretty damn near “off-grid” in summer with a 5kVA 5.2kW 14kWh. I simply cannot justify more panels, or a bigger inverter … read … would get no ROI on more upgrades, more attention to loads could make us go off-grid, and that is with 5 adults in the house, 3 working from home.

Geez, I got so gatvol with LS, and all the spare power “wasted”, manually I’m now running:

  • air fryer, induction plate or MW
  • rest of the slots the dryer/dishwasher when needed

NEED’s vs WANT’s vs HOBBY … with bugger Eskom … @Gman Level.

Gman, I still see tiles … that afdak needs cooling bro … put those spare 250/100’s to work man! :rofl:

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That guy in Ibis street is my next HERO!!! En ek dog my 10kw array is groot!!! Counted more then 59 panels on this guy roof!!!

True true!!! I got extra space open. Can fit 7 more panels on the North roof, 9 on the east and 9 on the west and a new afdak that is 6.4m x 9.6m so there is space baby. Spoke to the wife yesterday and she said: “Wel daar is spasie, dan moet ons seker n pallet order en tax terug claim”… :slight_smile:

The itch is there, I just need to scratch it.

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And you need two inverters. I seen with my setup that it works. I had to take my 10kw MLT in for service, and my DB was design that I can move the loads over, so I move the 10kw side over to my 8kw inverter and run it it like this till my 10kw came back from MLT, sorted.

I always like when people say they going off grid with there R80k setup with 6 panels and one battery and 5kw inverter. :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl: :laughing:


No one is saying get rid of your existing stuff. But if you have to start new you could do worse than get 2 5kW Axperts for the price of 1 5kW Hybrid and just take everything onto “essentials”. Even then have a backup if one goes. My small one’s been running smoothly for 6 years now so happy with the bang for buck.

And yes, you can switch things to essentials with a changeover but then you have to watch your usage. And you won’t be doing this every day with normal loadshedding. If you have a 4h slot in the middle of the day that’s a lot of money wasted if you’re using PV to warm your geysers. I’d rather just have enough KWs to not worry.


I call it Power on Tap. And that is why I went big with my setup, so that I don’t have to stress to use the the grid side.

You do make a compelling argument for going off-grid cheaper than with grid-tied systems.

2nd hand MLT’s would be my go-to and they can still be repaired as we saw at the end of last year.

Thing is, I don’t think that LS is here for decades to come like Zim. Tough few years ahead yes. But eventually, grid-tying would probably be the new norm in SA … my crystal ball is a wee bit cloudy though.

Then again, whatever fits the budget, go off-grid inverter now, HODL (Hold On For Dear Life) till stuff improves, then make a call, grid-tied or not … then again, keeping the off-grid inverters, add a Solis.

My post … just don’t undo a working ESS system … that would be silly.

O donner ja …

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There is a simple reason you don’t install the Axpert. It is not designed to last ten years. You will buy at least two of them in the same time you buy one Victron.

(And the total price isn’t 200%… when you buy the second one, inflation will see to it that it costs more).

But I do agree on the sentiment that with all this load shedding, it does make you wonder how important the whole “blending” part still is.

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Plonkster didn’t you buy an Axpert (the Kodak 7.2)?
I saw on one of the threads that you had bought one so I followed suit - working great so far.

You must be thinking of my alter-ego. He does things at night when the thinking brain is asleep…

I’m kidding. No, I bought my first blue inverter in 2013, and have never used anything else. I tested some cheapies for friends here and there, and I had a Microcare MPPT for a short while too. But that is it.

You’re right!! Sorry Plonkster. I am confused. I was thinking of Fluffy :see_no_evil:

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This guy? :crazy_face:

YES!!! I spotted this house on my way home, and I was like… ooooooooooooooooo!!! I like what I see!! I want to go that level now!!!

@mmaritz do google street view. HIs got more panels on the roof now. Here is a 2022 update from GIS but waiting for the 2023 update.

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Sat view from google maps

Ok. But often there’s a lot of power lost down the line. So you throw the kitchen sink at it but that model hasn’t worked since the Japanese showed the US how to make motor cars.
So I reckon efficiency is going to play a part here as we find ‘good enough’ solutions.
I’ve punted my hobby horse of using DC instead of AC but we don’t have a choice with what is available unfortunately. But wait, we shall see as the options become available…

If that doesn’t work, then you throw the dishwasher at it…

And that is why they build Godzilla…

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