Wiring MPPT's in parallel

Glad you saw this as well. I saw it earlier today and asked the same question.

Also saw that the battery voltage was sitting at 54 plus with the batteries at 75 %, so I suspect a false SOC reading. Only when we allowed a deaper discharge, the volts dropped enough to wake the mppts up.

Last observation, DvCC shared voltage was on, BMV and Multi reported different readings, so I switched it off.

It’s is not really discharging, the current flows in the wrong direction, the high voltage shows me the batteries are full, but the current flowing in the wrong direction is calculated as discharge and then showed as such. That leads to the system reaching your minimum Soc setting and stop discharging the batteries. So actually they remain full.

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Well blow me down … something to file for the future.

A huge thanks to Jaco de Jongh who assisted and tested the system over the course of 2 days!
You are a wonderful person and as with all the other assistance from Plonkster and TTT, I am in your debt!

All sorted now and the figures looks good😃

Maybe now I can stop fiddling because my roof has reached its maximum capacity for panels.

Only improvement now would eventually be LiFePo batteries a few years from now.

I hope to get at least 5 years from this AGM bank.

Thanks guys!!!