Wireless switch?

I’ve had a gas geyser installed in-line with my electric geyser.

I want some sort of wireless switch that I can use to switch on the gas geyser from inside the bathroom. In general the electric geyser works fine, but for those days where its very cold, and we did not get to heat the geyser i want to also enable/disable the gas geyser conveniently

The geyser is on the other side of the wall, so range should not be a huge issue.

I’ve seen a few wireless switching items like sonoff, but it seems a bit overkill.

Any suggestions?

What gas geyser do you have?

Totai 20L Battery Ignition Gas Geyser - HiFi Corporation

it has an on/off switch that links to the batteries, so i was thinking of hooking it in there

Fine! Connect the switch in the shower in series with the battery cable…

The switch you refer to is called “summer” switch which when deactivated the geyser will only supply cold water. It will not work as explained.
How did you connect the plumbing for both elect geyeser and gas geyeser?
I have a similar setup with both elect and gas geyesers and have to physically close and open valves to switch from the one to the other.
I suppose if one fits a non-return solenoid valve (Sonoff) in the hotwater outgoing pipes it could work. But then its wifi controlled.

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Can this help in your setup?

Have not used it yet but the gas installer we used for another job says they work well.