WiFi led lights?

I am looking for bright led lights, up to 3000lumins per globe/tube, preferably WiFi controlled with adjustable brightness. Full spectrum will be a tremendous bonus. Anyone played with something like this?

Not sure you will find something like that off the shelve. But it should not be to difficult to whip something up like that.
Some notes to consider.

  • It will need to be DC - I have seen a couple for 3000 lm lights for Bicycles that could do the trick
  • Decent size mosfet to control the brightness
  • Wemos D1 - Tasmosta should have the PMW function build in
  • Single relay module for on off
    I think the biggest challenge will be how to get every thing neatly together without having wires all over the place.

If you can D.I Y the control/wi-fi part yourself, then perhaps chat to the guys at Extreme Lights in Stellenbosch. Nice guys to deal with.

Bought my motorcycle spots from them. After a few years, one of the mounting brackets broke and they were kind enough to courier me a replacement mount at no charge.

I was actually wondering whether most of the “tube LED lights” these days doesn’t just use LED strips inside?

At which point you might be able to go a DIY route and use WS2812b strips – that gives you flexibility in terms of how many strips you want to put in there (and thus how many lumens you want it to be) and of course full controll over the brightness. And you can use ESP boards to control those and give it Wifi.

And of course RGB. I know you get strips which has a separate white LED too for increased brightness, probably worth looking into those.

I’m not aware of any Wifi Bulbs that exist that will be as high as 3000 lumens - most top out at around 1000.