Wifi cctv antennae?

hi folks,
i believe the iot to be the home for a wifi cctv question - maybe not…
i plan on putting 6x4mp wifi ip cctv on three poles on my property and to receive the signal via my router and pc with the data going to a hd on my pc.
max distance pole to router 30m, router in house. the router can handle 300mpbs - huawei B612-233
the one installer suggested i should afix one 15db dahua antenna {DH-PFWB5-30n -} to each of the 3 poles with three units on my roof connected to my router to ensure signal quality - this seems like total overkill.
my gut-feeling says that the wifi cctv should be able to relay data on their own to the router and only if necessary should i fix one hi-gain antenna somewhere central to feed the signal to the router.
this should spare me cloud based storage of the data as well as data cost and network wiring?
your ideas?

Wifi signals do get degraded by walls and wires. 30m should be fine if you have line of sight, but could be on the limits if there are obsticles. Video do need more bandwidth and less loss to work well.

I would say if it is not a lot of work to add the antenna later and you are not on a tight timeline to have it warking, then first install them and see where there are issues and upgrade them as needed.

Wifi CCTV really only if there is absolutely no other option. Why not POE? You need to power the camera anyway.

tx @Louisvdw and @calypso ,
regarding louis’s advice re upgrade - i presume that refers to the antenna in order to get a better signal - in order to get to ‘need to have’ seems like good advice.
regarding poe as per @calypso that would obviously be the best solution - i try to avoid cables as the poles [and the router] will have pure sinewave 24/7 electricity from the inverter… its will be a question of economics… i’ll have to ponder

i think i am getting somewhere…
get cctv wifi cameras with detachable antennas, fix hi-gain antennas if need be directional, to the units and improve the antennas on the router - this should be far more cost effective some other options…
just my twopence

take note of the the correct antenna connectors - most probably sma
take note of antenna frequencies - they should correspond to the equipment
take note if antenna is omnidirectional or directional
remember you can get antenna extension cables… i don’t know what is a safe length prior to signal degradation…


Just to make sure, the pole and router will get pure sinewave from inverter. Will the inverter be right next to the camera or do you need to pul cable?

If you need to pull cable, go POE.
For the cameras you will need, normally a 12v dc supply, so not really pure sine-wave to the camera anymore.
POE cameras normally have a better resolution than wifi.( might be wrong on that)
Scoop have a very nice POE injector for up to 16 cameras. One device that need a power supply, and pure bliss for the rest!!

The above is based on my own personal experience with wi-fi and POE cameras.

I removed all the wifi camera and went POE only.
Reason, i have 2 access point in my house. And the flippen wifi kept connecting to the wifi with the weakest signal.

tx @neliuszeeman , truly great info - from experience! maybe the couple of bucks to have the cables pulled will pay of in the long run. between you and @calypso you are moving me in the poe direction…
just totally van die os op die jas, you are not by chance related to anton zeeman, got killed in a hang glider accident way back in the seventies in the transvaal…

No, dont know Anton Zeeman. Before my time. Im a child of the 80’s!
Our Zeemans are all from the Rawsonville / Breerivier area. Almost all of them farmers.

POE will pay in the longrun. Its now more expensive to start with, but as soon as you have to start trouble shooting wifi and dinge, the few bucks you had save will be worth nothing!

Not saying wifi is bad, just saying POE is better!

I would also say that a wired connection is always more stable. So if you want to install and forget then go the POE. If it was just one or two then Wifi would be fine, but for more the install price per cammera goes down and you don’t want to sukkel.