Wiegand to RS232/RS485

Does anyone know how to easily convert Wiegand to RS232? It seems most RFID readers output Wiegand code and I don’t know how to read that in a Windows PC from a COM port.

Wiegand has 2 data lines D0 & D1 and when D1 is pulled down to 0V this indicate a 1 and D0 pulled down to 0V indicate a 0. But it does not seem you can just put these as the input to a USB-RS232 converter?


I have found these converters on AliExpress, but there must be a cheaper way than paying R800 for a converter with shipping.

Use two GPIO’s on an arduino? :slight_smile:

A quick google seems to suggest it’s a pretty common use case. Even has a library or two. Could probably do the job and throw in a small case for under R200.

Could work. But sounds like work :thinking: