Why aren't the Blue batteries more popular

Something I’ve been wondering about, why isn’t the Victron lithium batteries very popular?
Majority of us on here have blue blood after all, but not only on here, I don’t think I’ve ever really seen Victron lithium used in residential backup setups.

Also just have to say, I haven’t even looked at them in detail yet, so not sure if their specs are maybe lacking behind some of the other players.

Plonkster is using them in his setup. They some sort of expensive.

One word: Price.

As an example, a 330Ah 12.8V module is €3,378, or about 800 Euro per kWh. In ZAR that is 14k on a good day. That’s about double what you’d pay on anything else.

It’s an excellent battery, make no mistake. I have a set of them in my setup, but of course I obtained them at wholesale price. They are rated at 1C discharge while most other batteries are C/2 or even, in one case, C/10 (not naming names). And of course they look very pretty :slight_smile:


Ok thanks, I actually had this idea in the back of my mind that they are expensive.

I see there is online training chapters on the lithium batteries, so I’ll work threw it at some point.