Who wants to help Victron users here?


I fought and fought … the door is open.

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Yeah sorry, I acknowledge (publically) that you asked me personally prior to the incident, but I was terribly bogged down with QA work on the latest firmware. Would have been released yesterday but things happened :slight_smile:

Alright: I typed something up. But this seems mostly like mud-slinging between you and Fluffy, and that’s not a good place to be :slight_smile:

Yup. There will be no winners in that thread.

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See Fluff and me, we had a chat … he knows where I’m coming from and I’m not stopping.
So I promptly started that post …

Check between posts 24/25, Dirk, the admin, deleted Fluffy’s post when he started his SOP.

There is an actual interest there … and a lot of appreciation for that thread.

That forum is HUGE … look at some of the view counts … Victron has taken a beating because of 1 person.

I’m doing my utmost to keep that thread: Let’s Talk Victron.

Focus on Victron … ignore any comments, please guys. With a bit of effort, the negativity “lets bash Victron” is stopped permanently.

There is only so much one can say about a product … not so?

It is the tech stuff I’m after … not the derailments.

Edit, see the deleted posts … derailments and comparisons stopped … mostly by me.

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Well, I hope my post was a constructive and level-headed reply.

Make no mistake, I fully admit we’re a little behind on the High Frequency curve here. That is what the market wants. Well, to be specific, that is what the residential market wants. It allows smaller batteries, you don’t have so much of a ripple issue.

But let’s face it. All the established makes, the ones you will trust with a large investment, who are they? Well, SMA, Victron, Selectronic (in Australia), and I think I can toss in MLT as well (they have been around a LONG time, and their workhorse is LF). The HF designs are mostly cheap chinese things, and only in the last decade or so are we seeing fairly decent offerings from people like Goodwe.

If you’re going to make HF the final arbiter, then you have to take a risk on the newer stuff. Make no mistake, HF stuff is coming, and much much larger inverters too.

Edit: If I think a bit about HF inverters that are really good quality, it would be some of the newer Outback stuff, or the Fronius Hybrids. And you’re welcome to look up pricing on those :slight_smile:


Been on that forum since 2016 but have not engaged there at all. I have bought a few things from members there over the years, last item a few days ago. I see that character is a radioham. Both my dad and oldest brother were, but man those outoppies are really full of k@k. I do listen in on Sundays to the ham bulletins, but that group, that is all I will say…

Me being me, (and an outoppie myself, some even claim a grumpy outoppie) I don’t do too well on forums, tried it many a time, but gave up on that, apart from here and the avforum.



I’m also a radio amateur, nothing wrong with us. :smiley:

As for that specific character, in the past I even had to put him right on very simple, straight forward little technicalities pertaining to amateur radio.
I don’t know why people who hasn’t been active in any facet of the hobby for years choose to flaunt their call sign every chance they get, I guess it’s the same as those types who just love their titles.
I had a aunt, she was a advocate, her husband a doctor, used to introduce herself as Mev, Dokter Advokaat.

I have a number of personal and close friends that are ham’s, we kuier oor en weer, nothing wrong with them, well except if we all suffer from the same ailment :wink: But the type you describe @JN.V are plentiful in that community. One of the reasons I did not pursue that hobby.

There are a bunch of know-alls, condescending and downright full of crap characters that I had the displeasure of bumping into. So my opinion stays unaltered that a bunch of those outoppies are full of k@k… I will leave this subject alone now.



I have a story of the opposite. Years ago I worked with someone who had a PhD (in physics). He was technically “Doctor Maclear”, but we never ever heard or knew a thing about it. Then one day the phone rang, and someone wanted to speak to Dr. Maclear. Turns out it was the bank calling about his home loan application. That is the one place your qualification should be mentioned, because it helps!

And since we are talking about that, here is a thing you can do if you meet a medical practitioner who seems overly proud of that: Ask them if it is a real PhD, or an ordinary medical degree.

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Yes, the guys there are seriously “tough” … cannot drive a 4x4 AND own a solar system AND be right all the time. :slight_smile:

The really nice people there, have “met” a few on WA, man, they are seriously nice and decent guys and gals,

Ok, when I get stuck, I will post the question here, ask for your guy’s view, and copy/paste it there.

If someone is really interested, excl certain characters, I refer them here for more in-depth advice.

Is that ok? Jump in and help me?

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Was what, 18. Ask my mother: Why are so many young women/men coming to see Dad?

She gave me this strange look … it’s his students, she said.

Flabbergasted was I. Never knew what his job was, it NEVER came up … Professor at law. Insurance legislation.

My mother was always herself, she k-kked him out too being half his size. And all the guys PC’s I was servicing, his buddies, all law Profs.

Nary a mention of who or what they were.Just normal folks … en stuitig. :slight_smile:

Probably why I don’t give two ticks who one is when they tell me.
Who you are is all that counts.


How do you know someone is an engineer?


They tell you… :stuck_out_tongue:

Just thought I share what I did tonight. :rofl:

Made a few posts after asking first …

I suspect some people are going to seriously consider Victron soon.

Keep going at it Jaco, plenty converts there :slightly_smiling_face:

You guys should see the new GUI. Our Video guy (those who watch the YouTube videos will know) remarked in surprise: Wow! That looks awesome!

Can’t say too much more at this stage, but soon :slight_smile:

Again, sorry for the old-timey CCGX guys, but this aging platform likely won’t get it. Seriously, it’s a ten years old design. It’s getting really limited now.


Not that soon :slight_smile:

'N Sneek Peek please…