Where can I find broken laptops?

I am looking for old BROKEN laptops, need to strip it down for a specific part. Just a test i want to do, and I dont want to strip any working machine…

What part do you need?

Hi Jaco. I have a few older laptop parts and pieces. Which part do you need?

Looking for the camera board…

I have an older HP Probook screen, that I can open up for the camera module, as I am just using the screen on its own. Can also get you another one this weekend. I saw a laptop lying at my regular metal recycler last week.

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@JacoDeJongh I have a camera module for you. Only thing is that it seems to be glued to the case.
I can send you the case and camera with if that will work for you?

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Thanks guys, please let me know how i can repay you…

Pleasure. Let me know when you are coming through, so I can have it ready for you.

I’m curious why you want the camera’s @JacoDeJongh ? :slight_smile:

My guess would be something like this.

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I am always reluctant to share plans that might fail, but also quick to share them if they dont… let me play with the idea first.