What the "truck" ... can this guy be for real!?

Context, I hear him saying: Ignore the problem, rather:

  1. Change the NRS settings to another setting.
  2. After doing some clever wiring.
  3. Sounding none too sure at times.

Who is this guy? He doesn’t seem very professional in the way he talk about others. Should we care about the videos that he releases?

Not us here, we know better.

The newbies out there following a qualified person who posted that for them, yeah we should.

If I saw THAT video, sent to me by a person I trust, more knowledgeable than me, I would not have bought Victron ever.

Yonks ago he was massively pro-Axpert, allegedly he then subtly changed his stance on “expensive” Victron, even now using Victron as a benchmark, I’m told.

So yeah, when I watched it, I simply had to jump in with the facts on that forum, not relying on my “qualifications” to get the incorrect message across.

Maybe someone sends it on to Victron :man_shrugging:
Sales have been lost.
People are going to follow the “advice”.
Ignoring errors on Victron … not a good idea. Had an error myself when Victron was installed, if I left it, jippo it, away, we would never have learned that the house earthing was faulty.

Hey, don’t dis the guy… at least not too hard. He’s been around a LONG time. Since Axpert times. Some of you may remember that video posted in the usual vs discussions, back in the old country.

He isn’t wrong. You can sometimes “fix” the problem by using a common neutral, and if you must hack things to get them working, this is FAR better than bonding TN on the inverter output. But it is still against SANS. He could have been a little more clear about that.

Also, since late 2020/early 2021, when the bonding relay check changed to using an auxiliary contact, this will no longer work. If you get an error 8 now, the problem is more than likely real. That makes this information a LITTLE dangerous in the hands of DIY-people.

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I didn’t think he was necessarily wrong, but calling other people “idiots” etc. is highly unprofessional. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it is that, while you should be critical when considering the work of others, should you have to take ownership of it, often times they had a good reason for doing something and you’d do well not to think of them as idiots even if they turn out to have done something wrong.


And THERE is my annoyance at what he said … the WWW never forgets.

Like Will Prowst, did a vid years back on a BMV, how expensive it is, not worth the cost.

Then, a year after that vid, he made another vid on how he could not stop smiling once he understood what it can do … guess which video newbies share with each other?