What Recourse Does A Customer Have

What recourse does a customer have if an electrical contractor’s work is obviously non-compliant. The contractor does COC’s in the area and is well established in the area. Trying to help a widow out.

Can report them.

I think here:

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can maybe also enquire with

the elctrical conformance board - but they actually state that

A change of law in 2009 saw the ECB removed as the appointed statutory body for electrical contractor registration and CoC supply and management in favor of the Department of Labour (DoL).

So, technically it might officially be the DOL.

Might also be worthwhile to pop some questions/ask opinions on the “sparky forum”.

EDIT: → “sparky forum” I am referring to the “Electrical Contracting Industry” section ( I could have made that clearer ). I updated/edited above link to the relevant part of that forum.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll follow up.