What does your browser shortcuts look like?

Between my own Sunsynk system, my daughter enjoying my old Goodwe inverter, and my wife’s boss going full out blue, it is nice being able to check up occasionally on their systems, just to make sure everything is running smoothly.

i thought now this is an interesting one, slightly private like what is the colour of your onderbroek, but what the heck as long as you don’t have a shortcut to a soft porn site or the war office


I don’t really use shortcuts. Instead I just keep a hundred tabs open with the promise that “one day” I will need that thing again.


how does that influence memory usage?

For some reason never been fond of individual shortcuts on the toolbar. But yeah, there are some energy related ones in the bookmarks list :slightly_smiling_face:

Modern browsers are fairly smart about keeping a tab open and not loading the content.

Bar on top to small, I use the shortcuts below the search bar as well to keep my normal sites on one screen.

In mobile Chrome, once you go over 99 tabs, the [99] in the window just changes to [:-D]

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Dangit, I use everything they got, hundreds of tabs, multiple windows, 3 different browsers, and that is just on the Mac. Then I have the iPad, trying to keep that at less than 100 tabs open. Then there is the desktop, same disaster there…

I am cock sure they designed them browsers as databases :laughing: :thinking: :man_shrugging:t3: Then there is the shortcuts, plus bookmarks, oh boy and then there is the magic, searchable history!!! yay…

getabbdeGroetnis, ek is soos n druggie op coke

I guess it’s a bit like my desktop, a reflection of my brain processes.

I hate the shortcut bar - it only wastes screen space. Press F6 and start typing, usually after 3 letters I can hit down and enter; much faster than using the mouse.

Ctrl+t (opens new tab), e (autocompletes to energytalk), enter.

Same happens for “f”, except it goes to facebook.


:rofl: When I type e and then f, it normally wants to go political on me, had to switch off the autocomplete :man_shrugging:t3: :poop:


Mine suggests that I should be looking for an EFI carburetor replacement…

(granted, a long time ago I did think it might be an interesting project to do, stick a replacement on the old 1.3 liter Tazz and see if we can get more than 58kW out of it… then I saw what they charge for that kind of kit… and forgot about it).

Man, this will teach me to be more precise in my postings :rofl:

My main aim was to find out how many of us are the family “experts” for all things solar related, so we get asked to help with checking up on “not our own” solar systems, checking all is O.K and working nicely.

My wife is already well versed with our own system, but as my daughter is a non technical person, I quite like checking up occasionally on her new system, just to keep an eye out for any issues.

I do like that the thread went sideways into browsing habits and other info, as we can always learn from others. Personally, I am a close all tabs kind of guy when it comes to browsing. Declutter as much as possible.

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i have more or less the same situation at home where my wife - if i were to loose my mind completely :see_no_evil: or whatever - will have to also run the solar/eskom switches at least until some help can be sought from our sparky friend [mind you he is quite a bright spark being the sole person with three phase experience around] or from this forum… maybe i should write an extensive manual on the setup… never to late/early :thinking:

Typing in an “e” on my browser and energytalk is just there, press enter and the forum sommer opens.

Good example just popped up, while checking a Victron 3 phase system at my wife’s work.

All panels in full sun and at same angle, yet one MPPT shows zero output.

Send her a quick message and the installers were notified :+1:

I’ve got this in tab…


I like the fact that it was marked secret :rofl: