What an interesting week!

With Eskom forcing more and more people to search for our phone numbers, things are getting really hectic.

My week started when I left Phalaborwa on Sunday to install the following:

Monday: A solar Geyser in Pretoria .
Tuesday: Add a generator to a system in RichardsBay
Wednesdays: Add 12 panels and batteries to an existing system in Durban
Thursday: Add batteries to an existing system in Bloemfontein
Friday: start adding a 25kw three phase PV inverter and 27kwp panels to an existing system on the West coast.

Might not be a lot of work, but its sure was a lot of driving…


That’s great, I’m glad you are getting enough work to keep you busy. For interest sake, which PV inverters are you installing at the moment? For example, the 25kW 3-phase one you mentioned.

Jaco, business is bamming. Last week Thursday and Friday a Installer was busy with solar installs by us in the estate on 2 houses. Crew of I guess 12 guys busy. Spoke to owner of the solar company because he pop in quickly. He say his got 10 bakkies running and doing avg of 2 installs a day but that week they where on like 5 installs a day, In that time more people gave him a call. He pop out quickly on his bike and can hear him driving up and down in the streets to the other guys installing. 2 hours later he pop in again by us in the estate and in that time he went Constantia where he got 2 more jobs for them to do and there the guys don’t have a limit on money and they want to go big. In that time a guy of Plattekloof called him.

So they Solar guys are doing super now!!!

For PV only I use solis. For PV on the output of a Victron I use Fronius.

WOW, that is good to hear.

The core issue today, for small to medium businesses, is finding the right core people who ensure the jobs get done right and on time, that even more business can come in … and then having the money to pay the salaries that these key people should earn so that a competitor does not “buy” them. :wink:

Owning your own business is NOT for sissies.

There is a movement, out there in the world somewhere, which is sometimes called “Brutally small business”. This is where you on purpose keep the business small enough that it remains manageable. This of course has the downside that you’re limiting the growth and overall possible income that is to be made, but you avoid the problems with growing too fast, appointing the wrong people (it takes time to get to know people), and so on. Also, in South Africa, you avoid issues with unions, bargaining councils, and BEE.

I have a gut feeling there is a balance to be had, somewhere, but do not ask me what it is :slight_smile:

That balance … Damned if you find it. Damned if you don’t … for BOTH options cost a lot of money! :laughing:

BUT, the good news is, it is fun doing it, hard work and late hours yes, but still fun.

Soon you will need an airplane! Haha :smiley:. Glad for you and your team. Your work speaks for itself! Keep it up.

That is an idea I’ve toyed with. And by “toyed with” I mean it was more like an idea that I immediately knew cannot work, for I am not that rich. But a man can dream, right?

For me it is because I have agricultural concerns in another African country, and I started to wonder if a plane would be a faster way to get there. Is it even feasible?

You’d probably look at something like a Cesna 182 (4-seater). That has a range of around 1600km and a top speed of 250km/h. But the range can be deceiving, since you always have to keep healthy reserves in order to handle a diversion (eg bad weather, etc), so on a long trip there will be at least one additional landing.

Also, frequent engine overhauls, air worthy inspections and licenses, not to mention the costs of getting licensed… yeah, all good excuses I think! :slight_smile: