What a JOKE! We are being treated like children!

A new process has been created in our legal system to support one person…

Not surprised at all to be honest. Everything to do with those clowns are a joke.

I’m going to get philosophical for a moment. Sorry.

Bombshell opinion: We send people to prison because we love them.

That may sound weird, but that is the reality of treating people like adults (and not children). You hold them accountable. You want them to reform. One of the worst things you can do is to let someone get away with it. Not only are you letting the evil go unpunished, you are telling that person they aren’t important enough.

The worst part isn’t that we are being treated like children. It is that Zuma is treated like a child, like some juvenile who didn’t know what he was doing and therefore shouldn’t go to adult-prison.

Just to make a comparison to the most successful (and not so young) country in the world the US: Trump looks like he will be the Republican nominee for next years election. He faces a string of crimes.
So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Yes, but in the case of the US, many of the charges are fabricated / exaggerated by the democrats in order to stop trump from getting back.

In the case of Zuma, his charges were real but the way in which it was handled, resulted in the mess. That judge Nicholson that dropped the case against Zuma caused a lot of issues in SA. Sure there was political interference / motives but that should not have absolved Zuma if the arms deal corruption.

In the US, bidens son was found guilty of a lot but received a slap on the wrist. The father was also implicated but nothing happens.

So nothing really to smoke. It just depends who is in power. If democrats lose the next election, Bidens time will also come.

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It appears they don’t cater in any jurisdiction for putting the president in jail :roll_eyes:

In theory, at least in South Africa, you cannot put a sitting president in jail, but you can prosecute him after his term. In theory, also, parliament will impeach such a president, which ends his term, and renders him liable for immediate prosecution. The system is there…

The failure in South Africa, is that the ANC-majority parliament decided not to impeach. In America, things are a whole lot closer, and there are some good people on both sides of the isle as well (despite what the loudest voices may say).

Both with Zuma and Trump, there have been rather violent riots … so there is that too.

The Peruvians are quite famous for putting ex-Presidents in jail (They even have a special jail for them :slight_smile: )
The sad thing is, it just goes to show that it doesn’t achieve much.


lacking the barf emoticon i had to do the whole comment thing :rofl: