West Coast Invertors

Hi Guys,

Really short question!
What brand and why would you guys suggest for an off-grid setup in Ysterfontein?

Yes, I know the majority of guys on this forum is Victron, myself included, but it would be interested to know what and why.

If I’m going off-grid completely: Quattro for gennie input and ability to throw all the MPPTs I want at my battery bank as well as a nice tie in with PV inverter.

Obviously all depends on your needs.

Victron is just so flexible and reliable (and readily available), I can’t see how I’d want anything else especially when off-grid and my needs could evolve.

If it wasn’t off-grid, well, then I think there’s more options if you want to take some chances, because you have the grid as backup, for what that’s worth.

Mmmh well what are the options?

  1. Voltronic/Axpert/Mecer/Growatt/etc?
  2. Sunsync
  3. Microcare
  4. JSM
  5. Goodwe
  6. Imeon
  7. SMA
  8. Victron


I’d take a wide berth around option 1.

Options 2 and 5 are better for grid-coupled systems, with the PV coupled on the HVDC side.

Never seen a JSM in the flesh but the pictures didn’t convince me (eg the way they use terminal “chocolate” blocks for connections).

SMA is good if you have lots of money and you want to build a nice little microgrid spanning a small village, but overkill in this application, and Imeon has basically no local footprint.

That leaves Victron and Microcare.

You need to add MLT to :wink:

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I think what Nelius mean is a inverter that can handle sea moister at coastal level.

Yes, where is MLT and Studer, by far the best options for off-grid.

Hi Guys,

Sorry not making the question clear. Yes the main concern is the moisture and salty air of the west coast. Like my Grandpa use to say, “alles roes daar, tot jou idees…”

So i think the question is really more based on what inverters can handle the moisture and salty air of the west coast, as i know that those places are super unforgiving to your equipment.

Years ago, in Mordor, there was a post about a Imeon that got very rusted up on the coast. In Yzerfontein.

The ideal would probably be an old-school Aluminium case Multi, or a Quattro. Some parts will still rust though, eg the metal screen on the bottom of the case where the fan is.

Something to keep in mind though, is if you put it into an enclosure that literally keeps the heat in (a little), you should be able to avoid the rust.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!! The Eye of Sauron is watching us :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, Mike posted about that one. Photos is still up on Mordor.

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if possible, please share those photos!

Well, since there is no penalty on this side for sending people over to the dark side… here’s the original post.

Wow, it looks like an axpert inside and is not even conformally coated. At least Sunsynk pots the big magnetics and conformally coat their boards (and also IIRC have an IP65 enclosure).

Rumour has it that the early Axperts were copied off an Imeon design. I don’t know how true that is, that’s what I remember hearing.

So then the question is then will the manufactures honor the warranty should something like this happens. As per the post in the other forum?
I know that Victron is design to work on boats and sea. Is that all the models, or only the quattro’s?

I believe it is all models. But also keep in mind, that the Multiplus-II and the newer Quattro models are in mild steel cases, albeit properly coated, so the older models have a tiny advantage there (ie, you have more certainty). I have never seen rust on a Multiplus II though. Officially, it is rated IP22, though of course that says nothing about the long-term resistance to rust. I know it is also conformally coated on all the boards, so even if outside components has surface rust it should not suffer the same fate as that old Imeon.

(Also, am I the only one who sees that title and thinks this is about some custom inverter modifications?)

indeed!!! I think with all the Home assist/, the @TheTerribleTriplet of the world / custom BMS drivers, etc, etc, I think the name fits!!

Maybe a side, hobby business idea. “Energy Talk custom inverters!”

what an idea!! thats brilliant. What would a customer invertor looks like/extra’s bits to be added?!!

"we can maby built some LED strips that change color based on the load?! Pimp the inverter!!!LOL

Oh dear, now I’ve gone and derailed things again. I saw pictures of someone who painted his Multi black. I’m not much for black stuff so I kinda thought it looks… interesting (and if said person reads this, I’m sorry man!). A warranty claim on that is going to be interesting, so thumbs-up for the confidence!