Weird reading on Multiplus Portal

I had this reading last night on the Victron Portal of my MP II.

This was NOT during loadshedding…

Why would the AC Input read zero? I thought maybe the sensor is faulty, but 90% of the time the AC Input reading is normal.

The zero reading on the AC Input caused the inverter to start suppling the critical loads from the battery, despite showing a load on the AC Loads…which would imply that ESKOM was on…

Look at the Grid Voltage at the time. If the voltage were too high or low, the Multi will disconnect from the grid and give you a 0 Value. I can see the grid was on, because the grid meter is still showing up.

Hi Jaco

It does look as if the voltage was up and down…what do you think? What are the voltage cut-offs?

Definitely, 253 V will trigger the disconnect.

Great, thanks for the insight.

After hearing a fan in our room, running on 242v normal, go to 250+ (speeds up) then back to 230v (Victron disconnecting from the DB), I have become acutely aware of how many times the volts from the street exceed 250v as my DB disconnect before the inverter does, the new Tripconect disconnects at least.

Last night I was off for 9h, 51m, 8s (incl 2h LS) because of volts exceeding 250v - as volts dropped, 10min later, LS started again.

The other day it happened thrice for a few hours on end too.