We urgently need a EM24 CT replacement

The Victron Installer community in South Africa is really battling since the EM24 CT version was summarily discontinued and the replacement appears to only be available toward the end of the year.

As we understand it, the EM24DINAV53DISX has been replaced by the EM330DINAV53HS1X27 (emphasis by Victron on the 27 at the end of the model number).

We have scoured the planet in search of remaining EM24 stock, literally from Australia throughout Europe and have come up dry.

What we can get is EM330DINAV53HS1X (missing the “27”) which we can bring in the from UK but we need to know whether it will work.

What is the difference between the 27 version and the base product?

I am advised of the following from the Victron Github page:

It would appear thus, that we cannot use the EM330DINAV53HS1X.

Carlo Gavazzi made a meter that is a drop-in replacement for the EM24. Well, it is “drop in” in the sense that the most common registers are in the same place as the EM24, but it isn’t a perfect replica. It is different enough that it’s neither an EM24 nor an EM300.

CG made this meter for people who need a drop-in for an EM24. Which it is… in some cases. But the Victron code is a bit “smarter”, it automatically configures the meter for you… and this is where it breaks down. This is why it isn’t a drop-in replacement.

Not that it matters, since the spec 27 meter isn’t yet available here.

The spec 27 meter is essentially a stock-standard EM300 with some of the registers moved to be in the same place as the EM24.

Supporting the EM300 is not impossible. It was simply never done because the ET340 (which is from the EM300 series) is a better meter (it has reverse per-phase energy counters) and that meter is supported. It only became an issue due to the chip shortage…

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From Venus OS v2.90 - Generator controls in VRM, Remote VE.Can, RV-C, Venus OS Large, and more - Victron Energy

More Energy Meters as well as 3rd party lithium batteries

The range of supported energy meters has been extended, now including the new Carlo Gavazzi EM530, EM540, as well as some specific EM330 and EM340 meters:

Carlo Gavazzi EM530 and EM540 meter now have their sub-gamily X and PFC supported. Part numbers:

  • EM530DINAV53XS1X
  • EM540DINAV23XS1X

Certain Carlo Gavazzi EM330 and EM340 meters types are now supported. Note that these meters count kWh like the ET340, which is unlike the EM24 and unlike most utility meters do. For more info on that, refer to our energy meter manuals. It can nevertheless be interesting due to shortages on the EM24. Meter model numbers (note the 27 suffix):

  • EM330DINAV53HS1X27
  • EM330DINAV53HS1PFB27
  • EM340DINAV23XS1X27
  • EM340DINAV23XS1PFB27

Does that help any?

Edit: Oh, not really new info.

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Hi Guys. We are the official distributors for Carlo Gavazzi in South Africa and we are well aware of the shortages and have been working closely with Carlo Gavazzi on updates and the solution. We have been informed by Carlo Gavazzi that the NEW EM330DINAV53HS1X27 will have the same Registers as the EM24. I have received the updated register files and they are the same as the EM24. Carlo Gavazzi developed this EM330 (27) to replace the EM24 due to component shortages. The standard EM300 series including the ET340/ET330 has different registers and the Victron controller will read the ET300 for a different application. The EM24 and now the new EM330(27) reads as a Main meter with +and- values.
We are waiting for stock to arrive and the ETA that was given to us is for the first batches to start arriving end October through November and December.
As for the new EM530 and EM540 we have received information that these meters will work with the new Victron Firmware.

Hi Stephen,

I also sent you a PM just to explain a bit more. I really love the EM540 meter, I actually have a sample in my test fleet. The new Measurement mode C (which accounts energy by the vector method) is a great addition, so I am glad to hear it is on the way.

Happy to have your input here!

Separate post, to provide some feedback on the larger issue. Soon there will be support for ABB’s B-series of meters, estimated to be released within a week from now (or so). It is currently in beta testing.

The supported meters will be:

B21: Single phase meter up to 65A. Product ID 2CMA100149R1000.

B23: Three phase meter up to 65A per phase. Product ID 2CMA100169R1000.

B24: Three phase meter with CTs. Product ID 2CMA100177R1000.

The B21 is exactly the same form factor as the ET112, but it has a small LCD on the front.

The B23/B24 is the same size as an EM24 (in other words, it is bigger than the ET340 you might be used to).

Pricing is similar to the CG meters.

If you’re ordering, please support the guys who supported me in supplying the development samples.

As a final disclaimer: I still like the CG meters very much, don’t get me wrong, but with the world where it is right now, we have to support more options.

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Are there any special codes/order option to get RS485 on these ABB meters?

To my knowledge, the Product Ids I posted are the RS485/Modbus models. They are also MID rated, and they have a pulse output as well. I think it can also be configured for EQ-bus (no idea what that is). There is an M-bus model as well (2CMA100165R1000). Note the 165 vs 169 before the R.

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