Waterpump watts on start with 5kw system

Hi guys just want to ask i have a 5kw sunsynk with 10 canadian solar 550 watts panels and 1 hubble battery system we only average about 500 watts in the house only 2 persons
My question is i bought a 0.75 kw 4.2 amps water pressure pump which i intend to connect with my borehole supplied watertank to feed just my house my current pump is 1.5kw and 14 years old so i am bypassing the grid connected pump just for household purposes my system is grid tied will the startupp be handled by my system or not and if so i was told the watts times 5 on startup can i have anyones opinion on this plz highly appreciated thx

You are starting a motor load. I start a 1.2kW heatpump or 800W swimming pool pump with no issues whatsoever on my 5kVA MPII when it is loadshedding, so I’m sure the Sunsynk should handle it.

When I still had the Multi II 5k, it was running 0.75kw borehole pump, 1.5kw DAB pressure pump and a 0.75kw swimming pool pump.

On top of that, a household with normal stuffs like fridges, freezers, tvs, large microwave and top it all up a hairdryer and two teenage daughters with (still) very long hairs.

Never had any problems :slight_smile:

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If you are able to return it keep that option open (keep the paperwork!)
Check if it works on your setup as soon as you can so you can deal with any issues sooner rather than later!

I started a 750W pump with a 1.6kVA Victron Multiplus in the past… :slight_smile: Granted, the LF inverters have 200% Pnominal starting peaks, but the sunsocks is also specced for 200% Pnominal for a number of seconds.

Interesting though that it specifies 4.2 amps. That can’t get RMS, since 230 times 4.2 is somewhere around 1kW. Maybe that’s the estimated peak current, although to me that seems a tad low. Induction motors are typically around 5 times their nominal power. Which should still be fine, since a 5kw inverter can peak at 10kW for a short amount of time.

It is true, the starting current is briefly a multiple of the load current.
Unfortunately, your poser is much like “How long is a piece of string?”.
Try it, if it works it works, if doesn’t it doesn’t.

It wont be a problem - go for it