Water (Fresh, Grey and Black ;))

Hmmm… How do they do this calculation?

They just take the amount of water you used in kl multiplied by 0.6 or something and say that that is your sewerage usage.

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amount of water use devided by 1.6 = Sewerage cost

Just because I’m a bit pedantic, dividing by 1.6 is the same as multiplying by 0.625.

hahahahah!!! that is just another level. I didn’t even looked at that way. You way more clever then me :slight_smile:

That also happens to be how you convert American distance units to kilometers. Your mileage may vary depending on which method you pick.

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I multiply 5/8 to convert km to miles and 8/5 to convert miles to km. It’s quite easy to do in your head that way, but yes it’s essentially the same as multiplying by 0.625 and 1.6.

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Oh man, that makes me think of working on old British vehicles with imperial nuts and bolts. So 9/16 is 14mm, and 11/16 is more or less 17mm, so 5/8 is this weird orphan in the middle that we had a lot of on Imperial vehicles, but is pretty much unheard of on metric vehicles :slight_smile:

Aaaaaaa brings back old memories working on landies.

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Murphy’s law I had a problem with the septic tank today. :face_vomiting:

Water was backing up and starting to seep out the sealed rodding eye. So open the septic tank and level is good but the inspection point before the tank starts over flowing as soon as I remove the cap. So realized there is blockage between the last bend and the tank. Tried clearing with hose and also some wire but bend is blocked with toilet paper. So took a plunger and it fits perfectly in the 110mm pipe and plunge up and down and the water pump effect cleared everything and water started flowing into tank. Emergency averted.

One thing that looked so creepy but also amazing at the same time is that inside the septic tank it hardly smells and on the surface it was literally crawling with 1000s of worms and other creepy things, so the tank is at least healthy but man I wouldn’t want to fall in there.


Indeed. I think that’s the most awesome part of this (frankly medieval) technology!