Washing machine pressure switch problem SOLVED

ahaaa, at last something totally in the weeds… or not?
i have a defy frontloader daw382, very basic unit and as most machines also ‘eco friendly’, which means on eco cycles it uses less water AND hence less water to heat ERGO less watts but the washing is not as clean as it should be - you start to smell eco friendly :slight_smile: - thus i need to get more water in the unit - at present i use a hosepipe to add a couple of liters, but sometimes its a mess as water spills on the floor.
the solution lies with adjusting the pressure switch to fill the drum with more water. most washing machines have a pressure switch you can adjust with a screw but this unit is sealed.
my choices seem to be:

  1. replace it with a similar unit which can be adjusted,
  2. fit a longer tube in order to fix it higher [?] to have it close later [diaphragm closes giving signal to solenoids to shut incoming water] or
  3. continue manual hosepipe procedure
    option two will entail taking the unit and fixing it on top and outside the present top - an unsightly albeit ‘practical’ solution - it might also be limited by the present length of wiring and the wife will complain
    option three is do-able but a schlepp…
    any ideas out there [apart from getting a new machine]?

i just stumbled across this video which suggest i have to open it and adjust the screw… or shorten the spring… and re-seal it Inside a washing machine water level transducer. (schematic) - YouTube

  1. If you move the tube higher it should fill when the water is higher before the presure triggers.

i took the little unit, see images to follow, prized it open, took out the inside, turned the screw one full turn clockwise, reassembled and re-fitted and VOILA, AT LEAST 5 LITER GAIN - GONE ARE THE HOSEPIPE DAYS!
note: the switches cost approx R0,5 to manufacture but sell for R400!!! to prevent you the consumer from adjusting the setting it is placed inside a flimsy housing!

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