Wanted - WaveShare RS485 CAN HAT For Pi

I am looking for a WaveShare RS485 CAN HAT For Raspberry Pi


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I might have one, I ordered a whole bunch of stuff trying to figure out how I will get good Comms with my inverter. I never got around to using it. It should be in my box of “maybe one day” electronics. I am happy to let it go for the same price I bought it for. Let me look and report back.

Located it. The packet also have some standoff screws included. Completely unused.

I am pretty sure I ordered from DIYElectronics

If you are close to Pta then you can collect. I can also load it onto my online store
https://smarthomeintegrations.co.za and then you can order it with a courier option (have an account with courier guy)

I might also have one, somewhere in one of my spare part boxes, if @iiznh doesn’t find his I’ll go hunting for one.

I’m still in denial, and plan on using my CAN HAT in future projects :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol Yeah… That is what I told myself too for too long. You only have to lose an SD card once to be cured from Rasp Pi.
But I have since fallen in love with the whole ESP32 and Arduino and Platformio stack (and in particular how esphome brings it all together). It is like an OS for microcontrollers and your command line consists out of #include lib.h

So I might as well sell all the rasp pi kit still have rather than keeping it trapped in a box

Thanks guys.

@iiznh I have sent you a DM