Wanted: Victron Shunt/BMV and GX device

Hi Guys. I’m looking for Victron Shunt , it can be the smart shunt or BMV one, and then a GX device, something like a Venus or any GX device, in the second hand line.

I’m busy with small setup for my parents house consisting a 3000/12 Phoenix that I bought from the forum and 250/100 off forum with 3 x 435w solar. Running lithium but found that I’m getting a voltage swing when the battery is full and the Fet’s on the BMS opens on the Charge part. So the MPPT then don’t know what the battery volts is, it can see the volts output on the battery so it will stay in it’s pre set settings but will jump up and down between 13.90v and 14.10v in absorb for some time and then will go to Float.

The shunt will sort out the problem and maybe check if the bluetooth of the battery will connect to the GX device if I update it will Louis drivers.

Does this fit the bill? Redirecting...

@Richard_Mackay thanks. I spotted this one but the person want to much for it. I can buy a Smart shunt then for half of that price new

Explain where you will be installing the shunt…

Between the battery and the inverter and mppt. I need the shunt to inform the mppt that the battery is full and to control it. The Revov 12v 200ah BMS is causing a small problem. The mppt is fixed on the pre setting that you give it to charge the battery, but when the charge Fet’s on the bms opens because the battery is full, the MPPT sees the discharge volts but keeps supplying the bulk charge volts to the battery and to the inverter but then it keeps jumping between 13.80 and 14.20 because it’s set on 14v bulk. I adjusted the absorb time 1min so it can drop to float of 13.6v but it keeps it for some time in absorb.

I’m running a smart shunt in my setup and my setup is close to the same, just 10 x times bigger and it works.

If you add a GX device to your current setup(rPi perhaps), then you should be able to link the Revov battery using my driver. The driver will reduce the charge values when the BMS indicate it is full and should solve your problem without a BMV.

@Louisvdw Ek het nogals gedink aan dit. Ek wil kyk om GX device te kry in plaas van n Pi want my pa is nie tegnies nie so wil nie he hy moet sikkel nie. And the prices of Pi units are ridicule’s and then you need to get all the converter cables and stuff.

Louis, your new drivers can work with the bluetooth part of the JBD bms in the revov battery?

You do need a wired serial cable to connect it. it does not run over bluetooth (nog nie)

If you can get a proper Victron GX device that would always be the easiest. The Pi is only cheaper if you already have one laying around. The Pi Zero 2 is cheap as chips (OK 4 large chips) and a great option if you can find one :slight_smile:

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ahaaaaa. Ok, this is the sealed 12 200ah unit of revov with bluetooth, so wiring option is out. :slight_smile: Thanks for the info Louis :sunglasses: