Wanted, Unifi Lite AP

Hi all
Anyone got a spare / unused / unloved 6 Lite or even the older AC Lite AP for sale?

I’m not willing to pay stupid prices just because stock in SA still seams to be a problem, unless someone can point me to a retailer with stock at the normal price?

Don’t have anything on hand, but I’d suggest Scoop if you’re willing to wait a bit.

They import Ubiquiti directly, so their prices are fair. Even better if you can get dealer pricing. You can create an account and sign up for a stock alerts, but then need to be quick usually. I see they’ve got the U6-Pro “Coming Soon”, so replenishment for others is usually in the same shipment.

You can also phone them and ask when they’re expecting stock.

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All of the vendors are having supply issues because of the global chipset shortages, the main issue with Ubiquiti is their supply model, typically they supply to USA first, then EU and Africa is a long way down on the list, because of the shortages there isn’t anything left over for us in the tip of Africa and this will most likely only correct some time next year.

Unless you’re tied into the Unifi “eco-system” you can try the TP-LINK EAP range the interface is very similar otherwise look at the Reyee products which are new to SA but pretty decent stuff.

Ubiquiti have recently lost around 20% market share because of the supply constraints and I suspect that some of this business will be lost forever to other brands.

Thanks for the replies.

Last year around this time Scoop told me the supply issues should be resolved towards the end of this year.

I sometimes wonder when the global chip shortage will really be something of the past and whether some manufacturers will be able to ever catch up with the demand.

The interesting part about this is that it affects only certain chip generations. The brand new (expensive!) stuff? No problem. The affected parts are the trailing-edge tech, the stuff that has paid back their R&D cost and was being pumped out by established factories and sold cheap in large quantities. And then the factories ran out of capacity, and due to various factors affecting the world, they didn’t really expand fast enough.

So what you get, typically, is the entire thing can be built, except for that ONE chip that is super common, super cheap… and on backorder.