Wanted Temp Sensor (QUA/PMP/Venus GX)

Wanted: image

Does anyone have a few of these that they are happy to get rid of?
Happy to pay a reasonable price.


Have several hundred. You’re welcome to as many as you want.

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Wow… :grinning: Can I have 15? Postnet to Postnet OK with you :slight_smile:

I also have 2 or 3 laying around.

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I think I also have at least 3 of them…maybe more.

Many Thanks @All for the feedback and offers. Just waiting on @warwick to finalise things.

Thanks: Sent you a DM :slight_smile:

I am going to laugh so hard when tomorrow, you find a package on your doorstep, and Warwick had sent you his entire stash of temperature sensors that is just cluttering up his place…

I was thinking the same thing :wink: @plonkster @warwickchapman :laughing:

Sending 15.

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There is a humourous story about a time when it became mandatory (in the UK) to recycle electronics, but you also had to pay for the recycling to be done. So the story goes that quite often, when you got your computer back from the computer shop, it would inexplicably come with an extra network interface it never had before.

People would leave old computers on the subway train, so that it would be stolen. That only worked for a while, after which they couldn’t even get the thieves to steal the old hardware anymore.

One guy reported getting his computer back with three extra network cards, two of the three was simply strapped to the side of the case and wasn’t even connected.

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Thanks a lot! Let the “DIY thinking” begin!

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I am curious what you want to do with them @mmaritz ?

A few things and then some DIY ideas. Freezers, MPPT fans, etc. Some Battery Cupboard Sensors, Relay control for some fans. I have a hot garage which needs some TLC in summer.

Priced the Ruuvi sensor… EURO 40… Way to expensive.

Many thanks to @warwickchapman and his team. Sensors arrived within 2 days! A huge bonus for me!