Wanted: smps 12-24v 2a

I need quite a few for mini UPS build. If you see power supplies being chucked out please let me know…

Will keep an eye out for you. I normally pick up the 12v Centurion gate motor chargers from my metal recyclers quite cheaply. Should have 5 or so in my hoard, if you are interested.

Tnx! I would like to try one to see if the voltage can be adjusted…
Where are you located?

Will definitely have one for you to play with.
I live in Centurion and work in Linbro park Jhb.

My son stays in Cape Town and is flying up this week for a wedding this weekend.
I could send one back with him and you can arrange pick up in Cape Town?

Let me know where I can collect…

Checked my stock last night and I see that there are two types of these little Centurion chargers available.

Chunky CP84-EV2, that has a rather heavy transformer and uses the LM317 linear regulator.

Then they also have the much nicer, more compact CP84-SM2

Let me know which type will suit your application and I can send you a few :+1:

Oooooh I remember in high school when I discovered this little thing. I mean, sure, it is linear and all, old tech, but man, what a beaut of a chip with so many uses, and so cheap!

Space is an issue so it will have to be the SMPS…

Great, will send you a few.

PM me your contact number and I’ll ask my son to give you a shout, once he is back in Cape Town next week.