Wanted: REVOV 2LiFe

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Anyone know a good supplier for REVOV 2LiFe batteries?

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Contact Revov direct, the can then recommend a good dealer.

I have submitted a request online, no feedback and its been more than a week.
Called them, lady who answered told me hey dont sell direct and put the phone down.

So not fantastic service from them.

True, they don’t sell to the public anymore.

Quick Google: revov - Google Shopping

Search: 10 results found for "revov" – Sustainable.co.za*

That would have been enough for me to walk away :slight_smile:

We have a local company here that makes PVC fencing. I’ve tried to use them twice. It usually takes about two tries to get a quotation out of them. Last time I gave up on email nr 4 (which was the follow-up email to email 3 which was a request to arrange a site inspection). If it takes 2-3 emails to get a response from you… my business is going elsewhere.

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If it wasnt for the price point I probably would have.
But their 12v 2nd life battery seems to be what im looking for, for a project.
Just wanting a reliable supplier, and the likes of sustainable are out of stock till Jan.

Might just start looking for hubble s200’s at a reasonable price

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Must say, I can count on one hand the businesses I have walked away from in my life due to what I thought they did wrong.

The joke is, if I approach the business again years later, they had either changed for the best or the ones who did not were gone.

At one point, yonks ago, I could have walked away from a big-name inverter supplier due to one person’s replies to me. Figured I would be doing myself in, so I worked around what I perceived the problem to be. :slight_smile:

Just my 2 cents to leave on the table.

where abouts do you live? I am sure I can assist.

@C.Potgieter Is it for 12v setup or 24v or 48v?