WANTED: Oldish Ipad or Tablet

Looking for a device with roughly a 10 inch screen.

It could be IOS or Android. Its sole purpose will be to serve as a screen for my front gate camera and to listen to some music.

Our current Ipad is too old to download the app required for this and I cant think of any other way to view the camera other than with a phone.

I did try downloading those programs that gives your Windows pc an Android “feature” but when I search those Playstores I cant find the app there.

It needs be able to take the Connex Connect app.

Budget around R1-2K If you have some old thing gathering dust with some reasonable battery life left it would be great.

I looked for one…Market Place had prices up to R3 500 for Gen 1 iPad :astonished:

If that’s what these are going for, then I’ll have to make another plan.

I wonder if a raspberry pie will be able to do something like this?