Wanted: Multiplus 500 or 800VA 12V

If anybody has one to sell or can point me to where to get one at the best price, it would be greatly appreciated!

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retail price wise this seems to be best bang for buck. Multiplus 12/800/35-16 → R8750 delivered.

Caveat: never bought from them but they seem to be real company (at least registered from 2012) and looks like they accept credit card payment. Also, not clear if stock is in the country but their web site claims 5 day lead.

used/2nd hand units seem non-existent.

I have found that ExSolar in Somerset West offer the best prices on Victron equipment:

I’ve bought all my Victron stuff from them.

I have a 12V 800VA that I am in the process of decommissioning, have installed a 3000VA. Was doing light loadshedding duties but I’m upgrading to accommodate some solar capacity. Planning to try and sell as a bundle with a BN 108Ah battery, battery box, Mk3 USB to VE Bus, and a RPi 2 that I was using to monitor. Just on 6months old. Talk to me, maybe we can make a plan.