Wanted: DC contactor or relay 300A 48v

Good day.
Does anybody have or know of a place where I can buy a 200A - 300A 48v dc contactor/relay?

It is for a golf cart lifepo4 conversion that I plan to do.
a 300A bms just makes this project unaffordable.
I plan to use a small bms to monitor the cells and switch the relay.

Those kind of devices are more expensive than a semi-decent BMS in my limited experience.

I got 8 at 29$ ea. (Shipping extra) in the last 12 months from this crowd on Alibaba:

Alternatively, you can see if you can get an MCCB with a shunt trip.

*Shunt trips and relay coils for these “genuine” contactors tend to be 24Vdc.

Thank you for the info.
Do you perhaps know of a place locally?

Nope, not for close to that price.

Check this offering: https://www.allsurplus.com/asset/54/22914
This supplier is in Middelburg Mpumelanga. I’ve bought stuff from them before but their pricing varies every time you enquire (always ascending…)