Wanted, CAT 5e or 6 cable, FTP, not CCA

Hi all

It seams finding CAT 5e or CAT 6 FTP cable at a decent price is like finding hens teeth.
I’m looking for proper copper, not CCA, everyone seams to be selling mostly CCA variants.

Any leads will be appreciated.

Not sure about decent price, but I’ve been buying from Scoop for years. Never any hassle.

Their own brand is usually CCA (clearly marked), but the Linkbasic stuff is pure copper.

Can also highly recommend their EZ RJ45 plugs and crimper. Still have about 200 of the regular ones and I never use them. Excellent combo with the LB cable.

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Thanks, I somehow missed this one when I looked earlier and there’s a CAT 5e version as well. Linkbasic 100M Shielded UV Protected Cat6 Cable | Scoop

On a side note, do you have a dealer account with Scoop and do you believe it’s worth it for only occasional purchases?
I have a company, but IT and networking is very far from what we do and I believe this is one of their requirements for opening an account.

I only use it occasionally myself. Registered as an Integrator way back since we uhm… sometimes need network cable for our contracts.

They were also quite confused when we started sending Fastway Couriers to pick up our orders. Actually phoned me to ask how it worked :slight_smile: Obviously waaaaay back.

Forgive me but what is CCA? Copper Chrome Arsenic??

Copper-Clad Aluminium Wire (CCAW or CCA)

Google is your friend.

Its kak

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