Wanted, 7th Gen I7 or I5. Socket 1151

Morning, I am looking for a 7th gen I5 or I7. Socket 1151.

Maybe someone upgraded and have this lying around.

Have you tried Carbonite?

I found an I5 - 7500 available for R900

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Thanks Stanley. That’s a great price.

So I upgraded the Ram and SSD on the PC I needed the CPU for. It had a i5-6500 in but the 6th gen CPU can only handle 2111mhz ram. I could only find 2400mhz ram so it would have been throttled. The mother board can only handle up to 7th gen processors, thats the reason I wanted the CPU. Its not really needed, but in the back of my head it would have bothered me.

Early today, I wanted to pack the old ram and ssd away in a box with old ram and processors. Guess what I found, an i5-7600… Seems like I had an spare 7th gen i5.

I also changed the OS from Linux to Windows :sob: as my office lady struggles to cope with adding software and drivers. I always have to log in remotely and try and assist and she asked me for windows because she is familiar with its operation.

Last interesting fact on this. With Windows 11 being out, I decided that the office then should run on 11, but Windows 11 is currently priced at R2700-R3200 depending on where you buy. I looked around and knowing that a licenced Windows 10 can be upgraded to 11 for free, i started looking for a windows 10 package. I found Takealot selling Windows 10 Pro for R1400 and bought it with the hope that i could upgrade it afterwards.

This worked out to be the best route for me, this PC turns out not to be compatible with windows 11. You would need and 8th gen processor to run 11. Just imagine I went for the expensive Windows 11 package, I would have had to upgrade mother board as well as processor to be able to install and run it.

Just 2 things to remember, Dont by Windows 11 unless you have an 8th gen or higher processor, and if you really need a new windows licence key, buy Windows 10 at about 50% of The windows 11 licence while you can and then just upgrade to 11 afterwards.

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The issue with Windows 11 is the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) that needs to be on 2.0
Most boards would have an upgrade available. It’s similar to a bios upgrade.
The 8th+ generation comes with this TPM 2.0
Once you have the TPM on 2, you can set a registry flag and then you can upgrade.

But for an office PC for someone else I would suggest you keep it on Win10. Not much to gain in Win11 really.

As long as the ram is otherwise compatible, it should be able to run at lower speeds than the rated frequency, so even if you did not get a different CPU, there’s a good chance it would have worked.

Pc Health complains about 2 issues. TMP and Processor not compatible. After I switched TMP on in the bios, it iss still complaining about Processor. On the Microsoft site there is a list with Windows 11 Compatible processors, the i5-7600 is not on the list. Only 8th gen and above processors.

Like I said above, it only would have been throttled, but knowing it, would have bugged me. I know that increase in speed would not even be noticeable, but I still know its throttled. A mans brain is is strange thing… (At least mine are)

That is correct, but you can get it to run.
You can upgrade the TMP firmware to 2.0 to solve that issue. If your TMP is on 1.2 it will not work.
And you can bypass the CPU check to solve the unsupported cpu issue. How to Install Windows 11 on Unsupported CPUs [Simple Tips]

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Awesome, let me try that.

Win10 would still be the best option. Except if you just have to upgrade for some reason, then you have this option.

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Nope, tried all the drivers and bios updates I could find. Still complaining about Processor.