Wanted: 2x Victron MultiPlus II 48/5000

I need 2x Multis at a decent price, please.


Don’t know anything about them, but the price is not too bad. 4 years old though, so 1 year warranty left. Maybe haggle on the price :slight_smile:

Those are 48/3000

True! Yeah sorry mate, I saw them last night, and when I saw your post I was like “Aha!”… and then I didn’t look further than the tip of my nose :slight_smile:

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No worries. I appreciate the effort.

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I just thought to share @wernerhp, if they are to be used separately, then fine.

If you want to parallel them, now, or in the future, both MPII 5kva’s must be the same original chipsets to be able to run in parallel.

Thanks, yes, it is indeed to run in parallel

What are your thoughts on the MultiPlus II 48/5000 vs Sunsynk 5kW for running parallel?
Anyone using Home Assistant with either of these?

Personally, having read a wee bit on other makes and models, so far it appears that Sunsynk is a ok inverter.

But if you want backup/support, a no-nonsense warranty, and awesome integration with HA/NodeRED… then don’t wander too far from Victron.

If price is a serious issue, no plan can be made … then so be it.

If you go with sunsynk, make sure they are identical and then pray you don’t have any issues.

I have 2x 5kw running in paralell. Have them hooked up to HA as well. Very far from where I would have liked the integrations to be.

Expect no after sales support except for getting firmware updates though.

This is somewhat of a constant at the moment, for ALL the brands. If a pallet of ANYTHING lands, it sells immediately, due to the high demand. Some of them have really low return rates, and some have low return rates… but less so. Some have repair centers that are completely overrun. Some will give you a new inverter if they cannot repair it within X time… but again, if they have stock. Some dealers, conversely, are loathe to swap with a stock unit because they don’t know how long it will take to get the replacement. The reality is that everyone wants to help (and also, they want to sell things!), but right now things are really crazy in SA.

What you say is true given the current situation with anything backup power related. This includes 40A breakers, DBs, battery disconnects and not just panels inverters and batteries.

However, my pains started some time ago, like 2 years ago to be exact.

Jip … the devil is always in the details, in the context of past experiences.

At the start of the situation, as per Plonkster, there already was a two to three-week waiting period when I got the support from Victron I desperately needed … the first time I ever needed it.

As I always say, we don’t need to be told how good a product is … we pay for that.
What we need to know is how good is the backup/support WHEN things, not IF, WHEN things go sideways.

THAT is what we pay for.

@wernerhp I have two parallel multi 48/5000 installed - if I can rewind I would rather have one 48/10000 quattro installed. To perfectly balance the multis is an inssue and if one breaks and you get a replacement they might not be compatible anymore.

That’s not currently an option if you need an NRS certified solution…

Ah ok. I dont think it’s an issue in the small town I live in. Is NRS certified solutions a prerequisite for installs in the major centres?

Technically, it is a requirement if you have solar panels. (Unless you are completely off grid - as in the inverter has no way to connect to the grid under any circumstances.)

Not quite sure what you meant here. What’s “That” in reference to?

That’s not currently an option if you need an NRS certified solution…

I think he meant a single 10KVA quattro isnt an option in stead of 2 5KVA multis

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The post I was replying to - the Quattro 10kVA is not NRS approved (yet, but it’s been a while…).