Wanted : 16 port poe switch

hi folks, in order to run my cctv cameras i am interested in the above, good working order ‘previously owned’ will seriously be considered :grinning:

These Cudy switches at Scoop are the cheapest ones I have seen recently.

Just ask around, maybe someone on here has a dealer account and can help you get it even cheaper.

thats not bad at all, i went for a 8 port tenda after discussing my needs with two chaps there, less than 800 bucks, about R100 per port… its just for medium class cctv - your choice is more a pro data engineer choice. In the meantime i have decided to go easy on my hands and get some keystone jacks to terminate some thick cat6 cables and use cat5 flyleads between the keystone jacks and the cameras… moeg gesukkel - as you note i picked up the ‘jargon’ in the meantime, a big jump from my normal ‘whatchamacallit’ and ‘megafter’ lingo :crazy_face:… things are moving to a head here at fort knox :rofl: