Wanted. 12v lithium batteries for camping


Where can I get a 12v 100(5)ah lithium battery. This is to replace my existing 12v Bush Lapa batteries.

I have searched online but it looks like it is everywhere out of stock. I need it before the 20th of August.

I know it is very subjective, what is the best brand compared to price?


I maybe could have 2nd Life 100ah cells if you get desperate and there are still stock issues.

May also have 4 new 280ah cells coming around, but that is a wee bit bigger than your 100(5)ah though.

Are you sorted with batteries? What did you end up buying?

I am still looking.

But If I do not find a better price than on the carbonite then I will order that. I am not sure about the brand to be honest for warranty purpose, what happens if something goes wrong.

There seems to be a 12v battery shortage

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Thanks Louis

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