VRM Suggestion: Critical and Non Critical Consumption

Who would like VRM to keep track of Critical Energy Usage and Non Critical separately? I would find it very useful to be able to get a summary of those usages over time…

@plonkster is there already a way to pull this from VRM? The “consumption” is there, but that is the total.

I assume you are referring to a grid-parallel setup with a CG meter. For people like me using both ACOut1 & ACOut2 it is not possible due to a single measuring device linked to both outputs.

That said, it’s probably doable if they add a new Grid Meter function called EG. ‘ACOut2’ and allow the reading of power consumption from that CG meter installed on ACOut2 with a bit of math to subtract it from the overall reading inside the Multi. But as we know the developers are busy with more important stuff so this will probably never see the light of day as many people have asked for this over the years I’ve been on the community forum.

All the info is already there. The “live” view shows both critical and non-critical. But the statistics you can pull pools total consumption. Using both Output 1 and Output 2 shouldn’t be an issue?

I don’t use output 2 (all my non-essential loads are on the input side of the Multi), so this graph gives me that information:

“AC Consumption on Input L1” is the non-essential loads and “AC Consumption on Output L1” is the essential loads.

So I mean that the information is there, it is just not being tracked in the database as far as I can tell. You should be able to see on your live view that they have it.

You can see that Total, AC (non critical) and Critical are all available in the live view. In the summary you can only find total consumption, presumably because the split of total consumption isn’t tracked in the database.

Isn’t AC Consumption on Input L1 the grid usage? Anyways, I’d really just like it to be split as part of the “Total Consumption” on the summary page for the time period you choose. I actually rarely find myself still using the “detailed” advanced tab, only when I want to look for very specific things or solar yields.

Ah I understand what you are saying. So when using both Output 1 and Output 2 (i.e. whole house runs through the MPII) then it isn’t possible to split because the MPII only has measurements for both Outputs combined?

I guess it can’t be limited to only show the split for people with the information? At the moment I track it per day in Home Assistant myself, but I don’t use Home Assistant for a “database”. I’d find it very useful to be able to tell over time how many days my batteries and PV combined wasn’t enough to service just my essentials. At the moment, I can’t really pull that statistic unless I haven’t played enough with the raw data (which I haven’t bothered to do in a while).

100% Correct.

Correct. There is no separate hardware for AC-out-2, so no way to measure the difference.\

But there is an acload function coming, so you could add an extra meter and do it yourself, should you want to. You can even use L2 on an EM24 (in a single phase system) for that.

It’s definitely the non-essential loads. Here’s my grid usage for the same day:

I think “AC Consumption on Input L1” means “AC consumption on the input side of the Multi”.

It’s a fairly new VRM widget - I only noticed it myself recently.

Agreed, that would be very useful.

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