VRM Solcast integration

Didn’t see somebody discuss this yet - I see VRM added Solcast integration?

Introducing Solar Production Forecast - Victron Energy

How is it working out for everybody?

@plonkster is it possible to get this data via Modbus (I see the NodeRed integration already has it)?

I don’t think it is published on dbus, which means it is also not on modbus.


And the VRM Rest API?

Not really keen to install the NodeRed image just to get to this data, but at the same time it seems as if they’re catering the Solcast model to your own specifics (which is better than what I get with the free Solcast service at this point).

Don’t know. I assume not.

Reading the Node-red docs: victron-vrm-api (node) - Node-RED (nodered.org)

Shows this:

And the document then points to the general VRM API docs: VRM API documentation (victronenergy.com) for more information.

I don’t see anything yet on the VRM API, but will load up Postman tonight to see.