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Just a quick question, did anybody notice that the VRM Data Download in excell has Changed?
In the past, (02 September 2021), it showed me the following:
Grid to Battery, Grid to Consumer, PV top battery, PV to Grid ect ect…
Columns from A:N.

But when i download it this morning it showed data for every possible thing in the Victron setup. From ESS Scheduled Charge, Relay Stated, Phase Rotation ect ect. (If i go through the data, it will probably show me my blood pressure as well!!! :slight_smile: )
In excell, Colums ranges from A:DH.

I like data, but Goeie Genade, that’s to much to handle! For 7 days, it was a excel file of about 21MB!!

ok, Never mind, i think i found the Problem, ive choose the wrong file to download.

Im very impress about the data these report can give!! WOW

That’s not even all the data…

There is a debug log (which only support people can get) that has even more information. That log goes into minute detail such as whether an MPPT is running current limited or not, the reason why an MPPT is presently not charging, etc etc…

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Did anyone see the VRM change, it doesn’t seem to change as quickly and the layout is different. Is there a bug or is it a planned change. Doesn’t work so nicely anymore. Even on my phone.

Looks like a botched deploy? Javascript errors in the console inside a promise somewhere.

Mine is fine… no issues except a bit slow…

Its the same on my phone too. Just big blocks with readings and no interconnection lines and not instantly updated and live. Seems to only update every minute or 2

Seems like they’re dealing with something that’s slow in the backend. Might be a deployment issue, might be a resource allocation / scaling issue. Mine seems OK though.