VRM odd display of Critical load vs Total consumption

A friend asked me to have a look at his install, as some number doe not add up. The PV inverter generates 7026 W, the bCritical loads take 1112 W and the Battery gets 4320 W.
1594 Watts is missing. However if you look at Total consumption we get 6638 Watts, that checks out…

Now what consumes that extra in Total consumption, or why do we have that discrepancy? Any ideas?
I did check his configs, all looking good.


I’ve seen this before. Don’t know if it is the same, but check if the battery is really charging at only 4320W. The time I saw it, it was caused by bad readings from the battery monitor (aka the BMS and/or the BMV/SmartShunt). That was fixed a long time ago though.

Critical load is calculated by taking the measurement on the output of the Multi… this one:


And adding to that whatever the PV-inverters on the output is making, which will be this number:


In this case you would expect the AC-output to show a negative amount of energy around 5800W (7kW generated, minus the calculated loads of just over 1.1kW).

Then also compare what the Multi says it is charging at:


And what the BMS or battery monitor reports.

Dankie Meneer Plonkster. Indeed the battery according to the Quattro, charges more :slight_smile:


Also, make sure it isn’t this issue.

That issue also turned out to have more to it. There was an issue where the battery got added twice, causing battery power to double up (twice what it should be). That was fixed in Venus 2.85.

Essentially, carefully look for obvious things like “it is double what it should be” :slight_smile: