VRM Issues

Wonder if anyone else is having similar issues?

Sluggish updates to VRM and BMV702 data thru VictronConnect

Trace to VRM cloud:

Don’t suppose there’s much that can be done about it from here - just venting

It is normal for data centers to drop or throttle diagnostic packets (such as those used for traceroute), or even to completely block them past their edge router. Also…

$ whois | grep Organi
Organization:   Dosarrest Internet Security LTD (DISL4)

So it’s a DOS-avoidance proxy. It’s going the long way round :slight_smile:

@plonkster thanks for the insight… seems to have become particularly aggressive in the last few days… my VRM view is lagging behind quite dramatically…

Looks like i’m gonna have to up my NodeRed skills and build a local dashboard


How sluggish is sluggish? That trace looks OK to me ms-wise, but like plonkster said it’s going to their DOS avoidance but should be close-ish.

If you have VRM two-way communication enabled the “realtime” data should update every 2 seconds from your install to you (if you’re viewing it with VRM) instead of reading from the database, so that should show it faster. Any specific reason that you’re using VictronConnect instead of VRM?

Oh, and what’s your Log Interval set to?

@fredhen thanks for your thoughts…

I have it set to 1 min

Yeah, that’s what i’m familiar with - my “Sluggish” is obv subjective and not easy to measure but seems i’m dealing with a local issue. Rebooted my setup and all seems back to “normal” ito updates/response.

No clue at this stage as to what may have caused the delayed response/updates to VRM that I perceived but seems back to “normal” - will monitor…


Anyone experiencing VRM issues?
Tried mine this morning, on Chrome and Firefox, here’s what I see:

Dashboard (with 'installation name blacked out)

Advanced page.

Niks. Nada. Eina.
Probably back in the land of IT…OS updates etc etc?

Mine is working fine …

…Just ran ‘First Aid’ on my Mac Mini Me and now seems fine.
Little gremlin I guess.

Was gonna say. That can be anything from a failing WebRole to a weird caching issue. Glad it’s working again!