Voltage range of 250V breaker

Can a Noark 40A 250V DC breaker handle a VOC of 299V?
I have been asked by a potential customer to do an installation of parts he has bought online. His supplier (someone in JHB) didn’t have the 500V 25A breakers so they gave him 250V breakers and “compensated” by giving a higher amperage 40A breaker. The panels are JA Solar 455W which have VOC of 49.8V and he planned to connect 6 in series which totals 299V.
I have looked online and don’t find any indication at to what range of voltage these breakers can accept.

Any ideas or experience please?

It sounds like the supplier assumed the customer would then change the string configuration to 3S2P and not stay with 6S. I wouldn’t suggest using 6S on the 250V breaker.

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Why take the chance (for the supplier!) ?
Send them back and get the correct ones…
PS: What if you want to increase your string to a higher voltage in future??

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