Voltage Limits

Hi all

Curious… what upper lower voltage limits/alarms are your thresholds set to.


I tend to be lazy and just use the defaults. On the older Multi, that would have been whatever NRS097 dictated, no provision for adjustment. On the RS, I’m running rather wide defaults, disconnect below 180V and above 270V. I should probably make that bracket narrower.

Because of advice from a Victron dealer, at the time they were having a bunch of inverters being repaired due to street supply woes, they suggested I install a Sollatek, AVS30 Surge Suppressor
to protect it all.

Looked at it and thought, hold on, if only the critical feeds are protected, what about the non-critical loads?

So I installed a Tripconnect in the main DB to disconnect the house, not only the critical circuits, from the street feed.

I set it at 250v upper and 215v lower, as our volts tend to be 242v.

Man, it is interesting to see, at times, how many times I have self-inflicted “load-shedding”, when the volts go above 250v.

The first time I became aware of this was when reading in bed after 12am, the fan going faster faster faster (like >250v), Victron’s hits its limit and fan drops down to Victrons 230v. Will sit there for x-time, Victron connects again to the grid, and the fan goes faster again, rinse repeat at times.

Last number of weeks it has been quite stable again.

Another advantage of a Tripconnect, when the power is restored, it waits 5min before connecting the main DB.

Low is 210 atm, clear at 220
high is 235 clear at 230
going to drop to
low 200 clear at 210
high at 240 clear at 235

250, clear at 248