Volta battery

A friend of mine starting out in his solar journey has been quoted on a 5.12kWh Volta Stage 1 Battery.

Does anyone have experience or knowledge of this battery? He was told it comes with a 10 year warranty.

Also, the quote paired it with a Sun Synk 5kw inverter. Are these two a good combination? Does the Sun Synk now have a 10 year warranty as well? My understanding is the 10 year warranty was only applicable if paired with the Sun Synk inverter?

Any advice is appreciated

I have been installing Volta batteries for a while now and they seem to be doing quite well, so far, sometimes, if you use them only for battery back up and don’t recycle regularly, some batteries seem to develop a memory and not charge to 100 %, meaning that the battery needs a firmware upgrade.
Correct, the Sunsynk warranty converts to 10 years ONLY when paired with a Sunsynk battery, however, the second 5 years is on parts only, the display is also not covered.

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